Babumoshai’s treat

I had been eyeing a joint that serves authetic bengali food and after weighing the options available, I chose to pick Oh! Calcutta for all that feasting.

Surrounded by  numerous office buildings and the crowed Nehru Place, I came to know of this specialty restaurant quite late though this place is a stone throw distance from my brother’s house which is more or less a weekend hotspot for me (I just cant resist my adorable niece and nephew).

I was told that a typical Bengali meal consists for 4-5 courses with servings including fried starters, main course with myraid curries with luchi, rice and chutney, fruits and dessert.

With an optimistic mindset to try as many courses as possible, Mochaar chop was ordered first which are made from the flower of the banana tree. A unique recipe in its own as not much cuisines cook the flower of the banana, I waited eagerly for it to be served.

After the order was placed, we were served three different kinds of chutney, fried Wadis and papads fried in Sarson tel (read mustard oil) to munch on. All the chutneys had distinctive flavours:

  • Thickened yogurt with shredded cucumber: This was seasoned with Sarson tel and saunf; on the lines of the seasoning used for aam ka achar (read mango pickle). A unique flavor which went so well with all the ingredients,  just could not get enough of this chutney
  • Tomato chutney: a reduction of tomatoes with mustard oil and seasoning.
  • Mustard chutney: ground mustard seeds with seasoning and a hint of  mustard oil.  My favorite always!

Enjoying the papads and wadis with the different chutneys and a discussion on the well done interiors, our food was served. Suggested to have the chops with the mustard chutney, I dug my teeth into the HOT HOT food and spicy and delicious it was..

Continuing our discussion on how well a job the restaurant owners had done in making the place look like a Calcutta home, I loved the detailing on wooden window panes, the white brick walls and black and white photos.  The  instrumental version of old hindi songs added a soothing touch to the place.

For main course we ordered mooger daal (moong daal with flavours of gurr), aaloo kopi ghonto (read aaloo gobhi curry), baigun/aaloo/potol bhaja with luchi(puri) , tomato khejur chutney and steamed rice.

I’m not too big a fan for oily/ fried food so found the bhaja to be alright. I, however liked the potol bhaja / fried parmal. The aaloo gobhi curry was delic and so was the daal with steamed rice. My favorite from all that I savoured had to be the tomato khejur chutney which is sweetened chutney using the gurr from khejur.

Too full from all that eating, I had to call it a day and make plans to visit the place sometime again to sample the delicious sweets they have to offer.

Oh! Calcutta

International Trade Tower
New Delhi, 110019
Ph: 011 2646 4180

P.S. In  no time we arrived, the place was bustling with people so I would suggest to place your reservation to avoid waiting for a lovely meal. Also, don’t shy away from showing your bengali accent if you know the language as the person attending you most definitely will.


  1. After reading ur blogs on mouth-watering delicacys, I find it hard no to think about coming to India ASAP…. If u really liked it, I’d want to visit it with you once…

    1. That would be nice Kanika 🙂 Let me know when you are coming back and we’ll plan and visit the place

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