Spell Caramello for Italian

To start documenting my gastronomical journey, I choose to write about this place.

Caramello hides near the hustle bustle of New Delhi or should I call it the heart of Connaught Place/Rajiv Chowk.

One of the two places to eat in Hans Hotel, with the other being their coffee shop- Kaffa, Caramello offers Italian food.

The place has plush white and blue interiors and poses as a fine dining place but falls short on the people attending you -Trying not to take away from the place at all as it does give one a sense of calm.

The menu was limited with only a few options for vegetarians so I went with the safe bet and ordered a tomato spaghetti and pancakes stuffed with spinach in a creamy mushroom sauce.

While waiting for our food to arrive, we were served assorted bread with a sort of pesto sauce as an entree. The breads were quite nice and my favourite was the one with loads of olives in it. I needed to save space for my main course so I skipped asking them for another round of the bread. What was missing from this was a nice dollop of olive oil which would have made the breads succulent.

Our food arrived just in time with a pretty presentation but a first look at the portions served, I was quite disappointed. However, my first bite into it, I was left wanting for more. The food was spot on and amazingly very light… contrary to all the flavors of cheese, olive oil that my palate was enjoying. During the course of my meal, the portions did not seem less at all.

To close the meal, the always celebrated Tiramisu was ordered. Tiramisu in Italian means “pick me up” . This is a dessert that is very light – made from whipped mascarpone and ladyfinger biscuits, dowsed in Kahlua and , layered one after the other.

The presentation of it again was nice though layers of lady finger biscuits were replaced with a very thin layer of cake. I believe it did alter the taste slightly but on the whole the meal was nice.

Caramello, Hotel Hans Plaza,

15 Barakhamba Road

Connaught Place, New Delhi, Delhi 110001
Ph: 011 23316861

P.S. Reservations may not be required during weekdays as the place seemed to be visited by hotel guests and office goers from in and around Rajiv Chowk.


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