No reservations on a Friday night?!

A great start to a long weekend has to include a nice, relaxing dinner.. Food that has soul for that lingering experience. Following the same ideology, I decided to goto Shalom.  The adventurer in me decided to go without reservations on a friday night and have some nice paella. To my dismay (well, foolishness on my part), I found out that all tables were booked and the only seats available were at the bar. In order to correct my earlier bad decision of going without reservations, I made a pact with myself to come again soon (with reservations this time) and enjoy the place in its true sense.

There I was  standing in the parking lot, all disappointed trying to figure out a new place to try. With Khan Market offering a plethora of eating joints, Khan market it had to be. Of the two places I have had a proper meal in Khan market and finding both experiences way less than average, I thought of giving one of them, Side Wok, another opportunity to redeem their image.

Side Wok was called for reserving a table 😀

Entering the restaurant, the decor of the place is what speaks out to you – numerous big and small light fixtures on the ceiling, red and black color theme. . More of a modest try than opulent at their end to dress up the place well.

I decided to stick with a safe/ regular order as I did not want disaster to strike me again: A portion of the  manchow soup, Five seasonal vegetables in chilly garlic sauce and chilly garlic noodles.

The waiter spoke specifically about the curry and the noodles being spicy in case the order had to be changed. I like spicy food and since the dish was moderate spicy, I went ahead with the same.

The soup arrived soon topped with a good dose of burnt garlic, Yummy! Quite ironic coz going a decade back, I used to despise garlic and anything it flavored. Its a totally different story now. Garlic rules!!!

Yes I relished the soup and the main course was served soon after. With my first bite into it I noted that the curry was not seasoned properly and the spice that the waiter spoke of so confidently was missing too.

A quick fix by adding the chilli sauce made the dish ok.. nothing great about it though.

I had read about their chocolate mousse being sinfully delicious and with main course done,  a chocolate mousse as ordered. Though the dessert tasted good, the mousse was not as smooth as it should have been. No silk like texture that would melt in my mouth.

My over all experience was definitely better than the last one but nothing note worthy or great.

Side Wok

45, khan market,
New Delhi, Delhi – 110003
Phone: 011 43587122

p.s. they say that the malcha marg restaurant scores more than the khan market one.


  1. Shubho · · Reply

    Hmmm, Further improvements to the writing style in this one. With every blog the writing and the critique is getting better and better.

    Keep eating and keep writing about it…like the way this blog series is coming along 🙂

  2. Thanks again

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