The Rocking Hard Rock Cafe

If you enjoy some really good music and a place that will not hog into your personal space, Hard Rock Cafe is what you are looking for. I love everything about this place. The staff is friendly and cordial, the seating space adequate and the menu well planned. The place has two faces where it is quite during the day and bustling with people and and live DJ in the evening.

The best way to enjoy an evening here is to take a seat at the bar and spend time eating, relaxing and chatting with the bartenders.

Ask the bartender for a recommendation on the drink you want to have and if you are lucky he will stir up a drink and name it after you or allow you behind the bar and let you mix and shake your drink on your own. Lucky me, I’ve experienced both!!

Of the various food items on the menu, the Santa Fe Spring Rolls are highly recommended and so is the Honey Citrus Salad. The roasted pine nuts in the salad and the dressing will undoubtedly make your mouth water! Nachos are also a good option though quite heavy in itself with all layers of cheese.

Moving to their platters, the jumbo combo and Mezze platter are decent. However, the potato skins in the jumbo combo are deep fried which can be improved.

Their DJ keeps changing from time to time but the current one is the best out of the lot. His playlist is fresh but don’t be fooled to think that he is not equipped with some of the great oldies in his stack. I say this because I curiously sent a request for playing Iron Butterfly – Ina Gada Davida and he not just played the song but played the entire 17 mins of the song. So, if you dig a song that want to hear you can send in a request to the DJ and if he has the song, he will play it for you.

An obvious observation is that all gigs happen on a Thursday night.  With the day after being a working day, I’ve not attended any but with HRC being a rocking place it is in itself, I don’t miss not being able to attend one.

With very few places giving you such a fun and informal experience, this place had grown on me so much that I call it my mecca and highly recommend it!

Hard Rock Cafe,

M 110, Multiplex Building,

1st Floor, DLF Place,

Saket District Centre,

Saket, Delhi

Phone: 47158888



  1. Shubho · · Reply

    The Writing style that you have used in this series of blogs is quite informative and actually gives tips to the readers as to what to do to get a best value-for-money experience. The small details like mentioning the address and phone number at the end is a nice touch to the informative bit.
    Waiting to read more of such blogs !!!

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