Home cooking for some good old fun

Since I have been frequently sampling food outside, I decided to treat my self today by trying my hand at some cooking coz I enjoy it throughly. Trying to keep the health factor at a good level also, I try and avoid using a lotta oil  and have found a work around for some recipes.

During college days, my friends used to find my cooking as a fun activity an odd thing but many of them have come around and enjoy making an odd dish here and there them self.

Sambhar and Baingan ka bharta are among those healthy food items which otherwise in usual recipes, you’ll find oil in more than adequate quantity.

The idea is fairly simple – Why deep fry food when you can roast/ bake them and get the same favour.

For Sambhar, I like to cook all vegetables with the sambhar daal (various spices inclued) and temper it in the end for that awesome flavour.

For baingan ka bharta, which needs to be fried in loads and loads of oil to ensure it is cooked throughly, I bake / microwave the baingan till they are cooked through and then roast them to get a nice smoked flavour. Now, all that is left is to sautee onions and tomatoes, add the mashed aubergine and cover, cook over low flame till the baingan soaks in the flavour.. which is not more than 5/10 mins.

The goodness about these variations is that that you are left wanting for more without the guilt of gulping all that fat.

I hope you enjoy these the same way my family and I do and get on board healthy eating.

Bon apetite 🙂


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