Flavor of Morocco in your kitchen

After enjoying the nutty creaminess of Hummus and Falefal, I decided to move to a newer mediterranean recipe to try, and yes I mean making it at home. Looking up numerous mouth watering recipes, Harira was finalized.

Harira is a traditional soup made in Morocco during Ramadan for people to break their fast. It is essentially made out of chick peas, tomatoes, lentils, onions, rice, various herbs and spices and a small amount of meat.

Being a vegetarian, I had to find a way to enjoy this delicacy by either substituting something in place of the meat or omitting it altogether. I chose to use potatoes in place of the meat as potatoes go well with chick peas.

Harira is quite a simple recipe to make where in you need to soak the chickpeas and lentils overnight and then cook them in an open vessel with the remaining ingredients and all herbs and spices. I, however, pressure cooked the ingredients. With the remaining method simple, one needs to make sticky rice and fry some tomatoes with parsley and mint. I added garlic when frying tomatoes which was not part of the original recipe but gave a nice zesty flavour.

With all the 3 items ready, one has to just assemble the food and serve it hot with some chopped coriander as dressing.

For Harira’s recipe, follow the link.

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