Spago at Kasbah

View from my table, Spago, GK I

Spago, GK I, N Block, Delhi

With numerous options available to us on the weekend, sometimes it is more of a challenge to pick the right place and enjoy your day than one would think. I was in a similar situation this weekend with my heart set on @Live, C.P. but my mind telling me that a pub should be a place worth visiting on a Friday night.

Dismissing the place with a heavy heart, I looked and looked for other/better options and Amici, Khan Market came in my mind.. Now this place is not authentic Italian so the search was on till I found Spago.

Located on the 1st floor of Kasbah in GK I, N Block market, the option looked nice and comfy so leaving  @Live was not a problem and reservations were made.

As I stepped towards the fashionable address of this place, I could not stop but admire the decor of the place on the 2nd floor of Kasbah that shone like twinkling rubies to the outside world. My eyes had already started to sparkle 😀

So on this happy note, I climbed up to the 1st floor and took my seat.. This Sunday being the final of the IPL, I was the first one to arrive… Well, I am an early eater and 7:30 pm not exactly being a time for a big crowd to be hanging outside I did not mind..

I like quite places  (HRC being an exception here as I love that place for the amazing music and the vibrant ambience) and with the white brick walls, furniture clad in the blue silkiness of water, wild lilies planted in wicker baskets all over the place….. I was enjoying being the silence (and the nice French music that was playing in the background).

Hungry as a wolf, I ordered  for my food and dug my teeth in some bread and olive oil. I quite liked their food as it was light. Their ceaser salad is creamy and smooth without the feeling of being heavy. Of the pasta and the pizza, I liked the mushroom Cannelloni. A humble list of dessert including the Italian favorite Tiramisu and Crème brûlée, I chose to opt for a gelato to end my meal on a happy note.

I def recommend this place and look forward to going there again and check out the remaining options at kasbah.

Spago Restaurant‎

Kasbah, N 2, Greater Kailash, N Block Market, New Delhi- 110048

Ph: (011) 41631813‎/ 41631814‎

Spago, GK I

Seating @ Spago



  1. It is a well written review…want to visit this place now 🙂

  2. […] kasbah complex in G.K – I, N-block market. Kasbah has 4 levels in all, where the 1st level is Spago, 2nd is a lounge, 3rd is Zaffran and terrace top for private […]

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