Spaghetti Kitchen: Select City Walk, Saket

With year end appraisals, reviews, work and more work, I finally get some time to get back my writing.

Having visited some more places in the last 2-3 weeks, I am already running behind jotting down the experience… But with a steady head, I decided today to shake off my laziness and get down to scribbling and typing.

For all those mall rats who can’t get enough of the Select City Mall in Saket, Spaghetti Kitchen is not a  new name. The specialty restaurant is situated on the top floor of the mall, near the entry of the food court. With its plush interiors and soft lighting, the decor calls out to the glitteratti of Delhi.. With its huge space, the restaurant gives a feel of the lavish from the moment you step in.

The restaurant keeps coming up with a new menu with the change in season, however, my taste buds can’t get enough of their pasta and crunchy thin crust pizza so my order remains more or less the same. Yeah, I know there isn’t much fun in sticking to the same order and I’m sure one day I shall move to the other amazing food they have to offer.

Their Paprika farfalle and the all veggies thin crust pizza is lip smacking! Pity my limited appetite else I could gorge on it for an entire day.

Starting with  bread and oodles of olive oil, rock salt and crushed pepper, the start to the meal was yummylicious. The service is good and the people attending to you are knowledgeable about the food, its origin and hence can suggest you well!

The mixed sauce of the farfalle paprika with olives, vegetables and shaved Parmesan.. it gives me the best from both flavors: creamy cheesy and tomato tangy.

The thin crust pizza is also one of my favorite. Topped with all vegetables and a small hint of HOT tobasco, Spaghetti Kitchen is a sure shot recipe for a perfect night out.

I am yet to try their desserts but with a limited appetite, I haven’t got the chance to eat some and looking forward to having a full course meal there soon. All in all, I highly recommend going to this place.

Spaghetti Kitchen

Select City Walk Mall, TS-2, 2nd Floor, Saket, Delhi-110017

Ph: (011) 42658430

Serves alcohol and takes reservations.

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