Dakshin at Sheraton Hotel: Simbly Delicious

Dakshin, Sheraton

Dakshin, Sheraton

Bored of eating the usual Idli, dosas and sambhar??  Why not head out and try some authentic food from the four states of Southern India. Yes, I am referring to the highly rated Dakshin.

Though I am told that the place has a smaller seating as compared to the original Dakshin in or near Chennai, Dakshin at Sheraton hotel is an experience in itself. Light shehnai sort music playing in the back, man the place is beautifully staged.

If you are sucker for those mouth watering chutneys, (writing about it is making my mouth water), you will love this place. With a variety of papads served with 4 different kinds of chutney: tangy Imli, Tomato and Onion, spicy mint and bland but milky coconut. Like a kid, I gorge on them by dipping the papads and snacking on the amuse-bouche from the chef’s selection.

The staff is well read about the food they serve and are prompt with the food you order. After a tiring day, one does not want to wait for a nice plate of hot food right?!

Dakshin has been the reason behind my love for Beans Paruppusili . One can imagine the lasting flavour of their food from the fact that I came and googled the history of the food that I ordered and tried to recreate it at home the very next day! The place also reinstates my love for appams. I could have them all the time i think and they way they make it, so spongy and soft, just melts in your mouth. The one thing that I liked less in this whole experience was the dessert I ordered due to the heavy flavouring of cardamom, which is strange coz I love its flavour.

Not trying to bring down the amazing food they offer, Dakshin is a def, must visit as the experience is amazing. Since I am a vegetarian, I cannot comment on the non-veg food they serve but I have heard their non-veg spread is no less than the treat this vegetarian got.

Take your family out for a nice evening; relax and enjoy to their laid back and cozy ambiance and some great food


Sheraton Hotel,

District Centre, M Block, Saket, Delhi

Ph: 011-42661122

MUST TRY: Avial, Beans Paruppusili, Appams (YUMMMM), amazing chutneys with papads

Landmark: DLF Place, Saket (yes, I need to mention a landmark as I got lost while  reaching this place)

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