Planning a dinner party??

Cleaned Okra

Okra anyone?

Throwing a dinner party is a fun task but planning for it is considered a tedious task by many. I follow a simple plan which helps me break this planning task to molecular plans and the task does not feel tedious at all… On the contrary, it a fun activity!

I go step by step by and do the following:

  • Finalizing the menu
  • prepping for it by buying the ingredients needed
  • Doing the preparation work of the mundane chopping, pureeing etc etc

The final day just requires me to assemble the dish together, giving me time to look fresh and host the party flawlessly.

One of our  favourite main course  party is Bhindi (okra). Spicing it up with some pickle oil, onions, garam masala, curd and tomatoes gives it that zing that lifts up one’s spirit.

I remember my school, college days when I used to get bhindi and paratha for lunch. Even now, Bhindi is my favourite and I’m always ready to gorge on some of its goodness

One comment

  1. I love okra, it’s perfect for baking or even masala dish. Thanks for sharing.

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