jamming at @Live, Bar and Restaurant

@Live, Bar and Restaurant

@Live, Bar and Restaurant

I loved my college days.. travelling all the way to North Campus and then taking one of those shared cabs from the main road till college! What a TASK it was! One had to be on their toes to get a seat in those cabs as they used to get filled as soon as they arrived.

I still remember my first day in college, actually my journey back home.. Travelling in a\ bus, I though to myself how the hell does one buy a ticket??? And as I was unsuccessful in doing so I wondered even more, how in the world a ticket checker would find a person travelling without a ticket?…. It all seemed like a BIG puzzle to me.

Though my life revolved around studies and classes, I did not miss out on entertainment in college. With like minded friends, we used to go for a movie every week, walk till Miranda House for their famous Chaat or have a banta in the college canteen. My friend Kanika and I still talk about the days when our chemistry lab teacher chucked the entire class out for no reason and how we decided to boycott his class altogether….

With my 6th semester nearing, I realized my liking for Math and thought many a times of pursuing it further. However, I had to give up on that dream since I did not have much clarity on how my education in Math would be utilized as a career option and being a Math teacher was not something I fancied.

If given a chance I would love to relive those days and not change a single thing: same friends, same college, same teachers, everything same!!!

Live performance @Live

jamming @Live

It’s tough to decide on a pit stop on Friday evenings. The hectic 5 day week just got over and everyone is in a mood to let their hair down and relax. For bowling fans that enjoy Trance music and bar food, Blu-O is a good option. However, I am not writing about Blu-O.

Located on the outer circle of Rajiv Chowk, popularly known as and still addressed with its old name Connaught Place (C.P.), @Live, bar and restaurant is owned by the people running QBA which is another bar/ restaurant located in inner circle , C.P.

Smaller than QBA, @Live has a totally different setting: Wooden interiors giving a lodge like feel, the place is dimly lit and cozy. With a live band playing on weekends, one can make a stop here on a night Friday night. With a crowd pouring in from as early as 8-8:30, the place is filled up. Honestly though, the place does not measure up to Hard Rock Cafe, which I so adore for its liveliness.

However, one can check the place to break from the usual routine. The food is decent with the menu offering from Italian/ Indian/Moroccan/Continental. Don’t expect too much from the place and you’ll have a nice time.

@Live, Bar and Restaurant

K-12, Outer Circle, Connaught Place, Delhi- 110001

Ph: (011) 43560008 , (011) 43560009

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