lets whip up some Mexican with SANCHO’S

Sancho's coaster

Sancho's: all Mex'd up

Summer don’t support one’s appetite as much as winters do. Having chalked out a plan to ease the frequent eating out and yet enjoy the glories of food, I tried out a new place this week: not entirely new but new to me that is!

Looking for some new flavours/ places to take a break from the regular hard rock cafe and sorts, I called up Shalom for a reservation and thankfully I got one this time.  Maybe its football season and everyone’s hanging out at sports bars that go me a table.

While driving, I saw my mind wandering , looking for more options. The first sign that maybe its not Shalom I wanna head out to. A quick call to the SANCHO’S to confirm if I would get a table, the plan was set again and finalize this time!

SANCHO’S has two outlets in Delhi: South Ex and C.P., though the South Ex one is closed for the time being. C.P. being nearer from home, how could I complain. Moreover, C.P. has this vintage charm that warms my heart and makes me wanna go there always. Sadly, people do not realize its potential and are not revamping the place to bring out its real beauty. One of my friend calls it the Times Square of India, another longs to see open cafes with loads of greenery (but of course no cars allowed in the middle circle).

I am an eternal hopeful and optimist and I’m sure some planner will be able to implement a similar plan some day 🙂

C.P. is dug up for the time being due to the common wealth games but this restaurant is in the outer circle near Shankar market so getting a parking post was not a problem.

The beauty of the place lies in the fact that it is spread over two floors: ample amount of space. Dressed up in all things Mexican, the place is inviting!

I opted to take a seat on the 2nd floor where the FIFA match was being projected for the football enthusiasts. I’m no football fan but its fun no doubt 🙂

The second thing that catches your attention is the warm and friendly staff. The food comes quickly unlike som places where yo have to wait for 15-20 mins.

I ordered one of their salad and a chimichanga. With the prompt service, out food came in no time. I loved the salad!! The chimichanga was also nice too. Gobbling that up fast, the next main course was ordered: Enchiladas. Again, GOOD!

Wrapping up the meal wit some dessert, we asked the person waiting on our table for a suggestion and he suggest to g in for a dessert platter: innovative isn’t it?

I wanted something simple and nothing that would overpower my experience till now so we asked for another option. Churros with hot chocolate sauce, he said with the dessert taking 5-7 minutes to prepare. No problemo senor, we shall have one!

Churros with hot chocolate

Churros with hot chocolate

Now churros need to e given a special mention as my taste buds thanked me every time I took a bite into it. A recommendation from my side, do try this one if you go to SANCHO’s. The crunchy and soft churro dipped in warm chocolate sauce. Heavenly!!

I liked their customized coasters and asked if i could take one and I was brought a fresh coaster with a smile. All in all, a nice place to visit.. I’d say don’t miss trying this out.


M-48, Outer Circle, Connaught Place, Opposite Shanker Market, New Delhi-110049
Phone No:  +91-9899070034, 9717596504

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