This Saturday, thank God its FRIDAY

Stepping out on a Saturday,  I found myself confused… Where to go? Some new cuisine, restaurant, place… something new!!!

An overdoze of the usual haunts got me querying my internal database to see what options were present. I’d been thinking of going to Shalom, G.K. for a long time but cancelled all plans.. I think the oracle has not given her blessings to the place yet!

After a paisa wasool movie like Karate Kid (Jaden Smith is such a cute kid I tell you),  what about a nice dinner?!? But of course yes.


T.G.I. Friday's

On a weekend, TGIF did not seem like a bad idea, I mean its no Friday but it definitely did well. I like their Tex-Mex food, loaded with cheese and salsa and the gaucamole.. yumm yumm yumm. An obvious choice of their chimichangas and damn are they filling.

I liked their food not just for the decent portions. The service was prompt and the food good. With the conversation revolving around the next vacation, a lotta places were chalked out: China, Morocco, Phuket, Ladakh, Madhya Pradesh..

Talking about vacation makes me want to pack my bags and head out asap but it was the nice company and good food that kept everything tied together.

Satiated with the chimigangas, the thai stir fried noodles and the mud pie (I’d skip the mud pie and some another dessert next time) and loads of fun conversation, TGIF is a calm place to hang out. Try it out if you haven’t already…

Bar @ TGIF

Bar Seating @ TGIF

T.G.I. Friday’s

2nd Floor, Courtyard,
DLF Place Saket
New Delhi – 110 017
Ph: +91-11-46102741/42/43

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