Pigging it out at Mainland China

I have come to believe that I am allergic to chinese food! While you might nod your head in pity, I must add to my first statement that I still keep trying out chinese food to validate my belief since I love it and can’t stay away from it forever.

So what if the last time I ate chinese was like a couple of months back- with so many options available I can easily keep my taste buds busy.

After my first and last visit to Mainland China 6 months back, I had been craving to go there and dig into their flavoursome food! So with a decent break of half a year, here I was at the restaurant, giving the food one more chance to prove itself. With my order being completely different from last time, I was also trying to check if its a certain food, spice that I might be allergic to.

With a voracious appetite, esp. because I chose not to munch on popcorn while watching a movie, I looked at the menu for appetisers. Not too high on ordering the usual crispy vegetables in chilli, blah, blah, blah I looked around..  The waiter however insisted we order the same to suit our spice craving North Indian palette and I gave in.

A minute down after I placed the order, I called back the waiter to cancel it and placed one for pan fried vegetables with chinese fondue..

Doesn’t it just sound lip smacking?!

My waiter resisted but with me standing tall on my decision, the fondue is what I finally ordered.  A hot and sour soup to go with that as well, I waited for my food eagerly!

A small wait for 2-3 minutes and my food arrived. Grilled button mushrooms, zucchini, broccoli and baby corn with the gorgeous and silky cheese fondue flavored with sichuan pepper…. the platter was simply heavenly! Continuing the journey with soup and jasmine tea, I looked around the place from where I was seated –  The terracotta soldier and the faux screens gave the place an apt look. However, If I could change one thing about the whole setup, I would definitely ask them to play some music that suited the mood of the restaurant. I mean Lady Gaga and the booty shaking Shakira just did not do it for me. I would have loved to hear some soulful, zen like tunes.

Since the music was only a a slight distraction, I gobbled up my soup fast. For main course, I suggest you try their pan fried noodles. The dual texture of the fried and the soft noodle give your mouth an opportunity to munch and slurp at the same time. A good decision in all, I liked the pan fried vegetable noodles!

The last order of the meal, dessert

The long wait through the movie must have really got my appetite started as I was not full yet. As I wanted to try out something authentic, I was suggested to have darsaan and roasted coconut ice cream with mango syrup. I was initally wary about the coconut ice cream but after the desserts arrived, I knew I was wrong.

The amazing taste of the crispy noodles in honey and cinnamon topped with vanilla ice cream and not to forget the flavour of coconut ice cream.. WOW!

My whole eating experience was sinfully delicious and I’m glad that even though I was not sure if I wanted to have chinese that day, I did.. I was definitely not expecting to be wooed by the flavors Mainland China’s food has to offer!

I recommend going to this place and trying out some new dishes and not sticking to the regular orders. I sure know I will the next time I go here…

Mainland China
DLF Place Mall, 2nd Floor, Saket, Delhi
Landmark: In DLF Place Mall
Phone: 41680000, 46102901, 9311497565


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