Happy birthday Mom!

Finally the monsoon are here and that to just in time for some awesome birthday celebrations.. whose birthday?? well, my dearest mum’s!

Owing to the Bharat Band today, I decided to surprise and pamper mom with some new recipes. Since my recent visit to this a certain South Indian restaurant left me mesmerized with the food, I decided the menu should be South India.

Remember, I have already confessed in one of my previous blogs that I am a South Indian food junkie. The powerful flavors, the deep scent of spices and the use of coconut in so many forms… Its amazing I tell you.

My day started off with a visit to the local market for some fresh supplies:  fresh coconut, seviyan (vermicelli), mushrooms, peas and raw mangoes. The idea was to use coconut in all courses: starters, chutney, curries and my favourite – dessert.

The recipes I picked were fairly simple: A tangy chutney of coconut and raw mango, black pepper spiced mushrooms and peas in creamy sauce, vegetable korma and payasam. With limited time on my hands the meal was had with rotis else I appams was a good option. However, rotis went well with the food.

After a little time out, we are heading out for the second phase: a nice and cozy family dinner.

Yes, the restaurant is picked and the cake from Wenger’s is ordered and in a couple of hours we shall be heading out to party!!!!

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