Its Raining Coconuts: Payasam with raisins and coconut

Wrapping up the meal with a hot and steaming Payasam, loaded with raisins and the crunchy of the freshly greated coconut? I say Aye!!!

Payasam is another quick recipe and loved by people of all ages. You can easily curb that sweet craving in the middle of the day when having tea or snacks.

In my case however, payasam was the final course in lunch. Hot and steaming is how I love it but many people like it cold. Here’s what you’ll need.

Payasam with raisins and coconut

600 ml Milk

50 g vermicelli

2 tbsp shredded coconut

2 cardamoms powdered

10-12 raisins, washed

75-100 g sugar ( as per taste)


Pour the milk in a wok and add the raisins, coconut and vermicelli. Cook on high flame stirring in between to ensure that the milk does not burn. When the milk starts to boil check for the thickness add some more vermicelli if needed. Since the payasam thickens on keeping, make sure not to add too much verimecilli (if you intend on having this cold).

Cook on medium flame for another 5 -7 minutes after it boils and then remove from heat. Add sugar and powdered cardamoms and mix well. Serve hot!!

One comment

  1. It sounds yummy! I will make this as a surprise for my husband… he really love payasam 🙂
    Thanks for sharing,

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