Its raining coconuts: Tango Chutney with coconut and raw mango

The fresh cool breeze on a rainy morning, walking barefoot on dew kissed grass, that woody smell in the air! Thats how my morning started today 🙂

No need to be jealous because I’m sure any where in Delhi you would have witnessed a similar weather if not exactly the same. And if you aren’t in Delhi and complaining… well, I hope God is on your side sooner than you wish for.

We all love mangoes don’t we? Take for example mango pickles, Aam panna, the ever popular Mango shake, Mango lassi, Mango kulfi, Mango sorbet, my very own tomato and mango chutney, an assorted fruit salad with mangoes and finally my newly added recipe of coconut and mango chutney. here’s what you’l need

Tango Chutney with Coconut and Raw Mango

1/2 fresh coconut, dessicated

1/2 ram mango

2 green chillies

Curd, to an approximation as per you liking

Salt and black pepper to taste


Finely grind all the inrgedients listed above expect for curd in a mixer. Open the lid and check for the consistency and add curd till the chutney goes its correct thickness and is not dry anymore.

Grind for a two more minutes and finally check for salt and pepper. Voila, your chutney is ready!

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