The beautiful view from Gunpowder

With such a huge backlog of post to update on TheFoodoholic, I stopped for a minute and looked for inspiration around. As I closed my eyes, I saw nothing but a huge cover of green… well, nothing but green.

The blue from the sky merging into the green of the trees making it a hazy grey that you can only imagine. Add to that the silence of the lake and an odd chirping of the resident birds!

As dreamy and surreal as this place might sound, it indeed exists in the heart of meri dilli. This place is no secret society as it is housed in the known areas of Hauz Khaas village.

Since this was my first visit to Gunpowder, I’d like to talk about the adventures of navigating through the village and letting go of my fears while conquering the various nooks and corners. I must warn the faint hearted now as this place is on the 3rd floor with no facility of a elevator.

All the walking to get to the place and then climbing 3 stories gave me enough excuses to decide that I was gonna hog!

The place has a very casual setup so dont except anything fancy. But the two things that matter most make up for everthing else….. The breath taking view and the food!!! The greenery, the lake and everything else.Its just WOW!

As you place your order and wait to be dazzled by the food, you are left with nothing but praises. The service is quick so you can gobble up as many appams/ malabar paratha as you want. Try their mushrooms and peas in cream sauce and the vegetable korma and you are guaranteed to be hooked on for a loooong time if not life!

I’m a big fan of Payasam and asked for a hot cup to end my meal and what great satisfaction it was to have it.

I’m waiting for winters or a rainy evening when I can go there and sit outside in the balcony and take my experience to the next level. With an amazing experience like this, this  place is a MUST visit from my side.

Gun Powder

Address: 22, 3rd Floor, Hauz khas Village, Delhi – 110016
Phone:  011-26535700
Landmark: Near Deer Park


  1. Shubho · · Reply

    The Post is well articulated and explained. It makes it an interesting read. I have been to this place and I totally concur with your explaination and experience. Just a point to add, Make sure you have a reservation as this place fills up quite fast.

    1. I agree with you Shubho. Reservations are a must when going to this place.

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