Kainoosh: DLF Promenade

Looking for a young and fashionable place for an Indian meal then Kainoosh is the place to be! Owned by one of the well known chefs of India – Marut Sikka, Kainoosh is a marriage between the traditional and the modern.

An ambiance that relaxes you and a service that is welcoming, Kainoosh takes any and all stress off your mind.

A sucker for gajras, I was all smiles when I was greeted with one. I’d like to stress upon the following factors while talking about the place:

Décor: spot on! Loved the ancient pattern cuts out put up all around. I’d recommend taking a reservation as it looks like the restaurant can seat around 40 – 45 people.. Howwever, they have cleverly used the place available to makes it look bigger that actual.

Food: Home made flavours of the food with a comforting touch! Don’t mistake my calling the food home made to be bland and simple as it is anything but that! Strong flavours of kalaunji, saunf and kasoori methi will pep up your spirits.

As for freebies, the food was served with an assortment of chutneys out of which the soaked methi seeds were my favourite! The flavour surprised me for I was expecting it to have the usual bitter after taste. Thankfully it wasn’t bitter at all.

Dessert: The dessert needs to be given a standing applause! I was battling between chocolate ganache and phirnee.  The person waiting on us suggested the chocolate ganache and did not much have to talk about the phirnee. The idea of honey soaked pineapples layered with phirnee was too tempting to miss so I went with my instinct and I hit bull’s eye as soon as I had my first bite!

Sinfully amazing!!! The smoothness of the phirnee complementing the emmense flavours of the honey soaked pineapples.. I wish the portions were bigger the dessert seemed more like a sampler.

Service: The service was prompt but  staff ought to be more knowledgeable about the food on the menu and recommendations.

Try Kainoosh for it will leave a pleasant impression on you!


122-124, DLF Promenade
New Delhi, Delhi 110070

One comment

  1. The reviews sounds too good for me to try..Can you also mention the average cost of 2 people, that would surely interest a few more . me for sure 😉

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