Be Inspired and cook!

With so many cooking reality shows on TV, I feel like the world has opened up to me! Gone are those days when you only had the more known recipes churned out by Sanjeev Kapoor (no offense to Sanjeev Kapoor as he is a great chef and the point I’m trying to make is about variety)

People around the world are growing faster when it comes to a more mature palate and what more than the usual serve4d to them. They want to be wooed; they want the food to be surreal, something that takes them to a higher ground – that’s true for me at least! Thanks to the internet (Oh! what would I do without it!!!) and such reality cooking shows, I get to learn so much!!

When it comes to cooking and reading about the fundamentals of food, I see myself up till the wee hours of the morning. Reading links after links  in the net, recipes of new things to try, drooling over food photographs. Food industry offers us so much.

While watching an episode of Masterchef Australia’s Master class, I was amazed to see such doable recipes like the potato and leek ravioli, the frangipane tart and that gooey, stringy quesadilla.

I’m just looking forward to the weekend where I can go and buy myself a packet of the tortillas to try out the quesadilla and to make that tart loaded with blue berries, straw berries and what not.

So for all you fellow foodies, look around for the amazing endless pool of knowledge and soak in it till your fingers start to prune!!


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