For all you food lovers, Its time to shine!

WordPress has started an initiative which will be well loved by all food blog enthusiast. Yes, I am excited to be among them and can’t wait to try my next recipe.

With Diwali round the  corner, this news just adds to all the celebration.  To all my fellow food bloggers, let the festivities begin!!!

Follow this link to read more  on what’s in store



  1. hey rashi love your blog.. and guess i have finally found the person to ask all my baking doubts 🙂 here goes the first one what’s the diff between baking powder and baking soda or soda bicarb ?
    btw, i am somak’s wife 🙂

    1. Hi Ritika,
      Thanks for your lovely comments.. I sure hope to see more of you here 🙂 You know I used to have huge questions on this too for the longest time ever.

      Baking soda and Soda bi carb are more or less the same thing. (called meetha soda in hindi I think)

      Baking powder and baking soda are added to recipes to make the food rise. This happens because both react with some other ingredients in the recipe to release carbon di oxide. However, they are very different in composition which results in a different end product when baking.

      Baking Soda contains sodium bi carbonate and is a basic agent which needs acid to react to become all bubbly and release all the carbon di oxide. Hence recipes with things like buttermilk / yogurt would have baking soda in it. I read somewhere that this also helps in balancing out the bitter taste of your baked goodie.

      Baking powder contains sodium bi carbonate (basic) and cream of tarter (acidic) so is more of a neutral agent which has the acid already. Baking powder gives the same effect as the baking soda and would be used in recipes which do not have any acidic agents in it (yogurt / buttermilk)

      Baking powder comes can be of two types : single rise and double rise. The double size powder has another ingredient in it that acts at high temperatures and allows the batter to rise further.

      Hope this addressed your query 🙂 So, which of these is the first recipe that you will be trying?

  2. thanks a tonne 🙂 all my doubts are put to rest.
    and first it will be those ginger cookies.. they look fab.

    yupe i will be regular at your blog.. keep the recipes coming 🙂
    will keep you posted on the ginger cookies, once i bake them .

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