Load up on the goodness of sesame: Til Laddos (Sugary Sesame seed balls)

Til laddos

Continuing the discussion on Indian food, it would be impolite not to talk about laddos. Laddo is a staple and huge favourite not only in India but a lot of Asian cuisines. I dote on laddos like there is no tomorrow. Funny thing that as a kid I used to call them daalus, with the ones made from besan (gram flour) being my favourite.

There are so many variations to a laddo: besan (gram flour), atta (wheat flour), boondi, til (sesame). While exploring I found that Til/Sesame laddos are indeed a favoutite among various other cuisines. Click here to read more about the incarnations of Sesame.

Super easy and fast to make, it can be one of those fun weekend projects you do with your kids.

Til Laddos (Sesame Seed balls)


  • 500 g raw sesame seeds, white
  • 300 g sugar
  • 5-6 cardamom pods, crushed (optional)


Roast the sesame seeds on low heat till they turn golden brown. You will know that they are ready when you smell the aroma of the roasted seeds. Be sure to keep tossing them constantly so that you evenly roast them else you will end up with a batch of burnt, roasted and uncooked seeds which is immensely going to affect the taste of the end product.

Reserve 150 g of the roasted seeds and keep them aside to cool. These will be used later on for garnishing and can be used as a topping on salads and curries.

Churn the reaminder of roasted seeds in a mixer till they let out some oil, looking are a lumpy and slightly oily.

Tip in the crushed cardamom and suger and rub all the ingredients together till  evenly combined.

Using both hands, tie them in laddos (small rounds balls) and toss some roasted sesame seeds on top.

A perfect mid day snack powered with the goodness of fresh sesame, these laddos go well with tea and crackers and a post meal dessert.

Easy to make a perfect to be boxed and gifted to your loved ones, these will store easily for a few weeks at room temperature when kept in an air tight jar… However, with its lip smacking taste, I bet these are bound to get eaten up much before 🙂

Til laddos

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  1. summersher · · Reply

    How did I miss these on my trip to india? I think I would’ve loved them… especially with that touch of cardamom! Great!

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