OXO Good grips: my latest aquisition!

Anyone who loves to cook knows the obsession with getting the gadgets to help out in the kitchen, making ones life easier. However, sometimes things are bought just for the fun of it… Its like getting the new iPhone / andriod phones or the latest fad. TABs: So yes, I can call myself a food geek!

Among other things, my latest aquisition is a professional 14 piece knife set from OXO good grips. Damn, they float like melted butter through the vegetables and chopping is an altogether new found joy.

I had been eyeing a good knives block set for a long time and I’m sooo glad I one have to hold. A good knife does wonder in the kitchen and you definitely can feel the difference because you don’t have to do much. But, beware as this comfort comes with a price: with super sharp blades, you can easily cut through your fingers if you are not careful!

So for those of you looking for a good knife set, I’d say go get this one and there would be no looking back! As for the sharp blades… keep them out of the reach of kids and be careful while using them.

After all, life is no fun without some adventure!!!!!

chop chop chop…


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