Photo Shoot: Chocolate truffle cake

Here you go everyone! The much awaited chocolate truffle cake. It is an understatement to call it just a truffle cake for it a much dreamed cake for any die hard chocolate lover. Ranging from Bitter chocolate, plain chocolate and white chocolate, this cake has it all!

Stay tuned for the recipe is to follow. Comments would be much appreciated πŸ™‚ For ordering and price list, please follow the link.

Sinful chocolate truffle cake


  1. This a delight.. I was thinking this should be available tonight.

    1. Thanks Anoop πŸ™‚ Are u game for baking? If yes, u definitely can try making this πŸ™‚ I love the chocolate ganache recipe i use for the icing.. Its fool proof!!

      1. Oh where I am……….there are no ovens…;-((

      2. ya, but from what I know… its not for long πŸ™‚

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