All about the lens: 50mm f1.8

I got a new lens yesterday and it needs to be played around with. This post of mine has nothing to do with food but my love for this lens. Some of the shots I took with it may be blurry but for someone clicking with eyes half shut due to sleep, you cant blame anyone.

Happy feasting!

Potted Plant

Bonsai – Jade

Life of Rose

Full Bloom

Neem leaves


  1. Nitin Sharma · · Reply

    the shots need focus, try putting the lens in Auto focus and minimize the hand shake…

    1. Are all shots are blurred? 😛 Surely will 🙂

  2. Nice Pics…Awesome Investment…Love the Bonsai Jade Picture.

  3. Thank you Thank you 🙂

  4. Nitin Sharma · · Reply

    well, with 1.8 you can get a tremendous DOF but the hindsight is that the subject needs to stand out with sharp focus or else the subject and the DOF will mix creating an ordinary picture…

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