A wholesome breakfast for the extended weekend!

This weekend is memorial day in the US and I’ve got a 3 day long vacation. It’s funny calling an extra day off as a vacation but what then it is an extra day after all!

I had plans of visiting another city but then things did not materialize so I had to improvise. It’s been long since I cooked something fun so decided to make a nice breakfast.

Ever since I returned to Missouri for my job, its been a crazy ride! My day ends before it starts and I have had to literally put a daily reminder for catching the train back home. A crazy ride its been so far… but its good coz it helps me loose track of time which is the medicine I need, for I am alone in the city (well, sort of ).

I finally seem to be settling in and that means getting back to my cooking TO DO list. My trips to the grocery store are more than the necessary and I’m starting to belief that it’s by choice. I guess the sight of food brings about joy.

A few weeks back I had a philly sandwich which I enjoyed eating so I wanted to have that for breakfast this weekend. Eggs have become a regular for sometime now.. The star attraction for my hearty meal was sautéed asparagus. I wanted to make a gremolata but I was missing breadcrumbs so I had to make do with what I had.


The components were pretty simple:

  • Philly veggie sandwich
  • Eggs: Sunny side up
  • sautéed asparagus
  • Milk

Make sure to enjoy your breakfast as much as I did and if you have any fun ideas, please do share !

Happy cooking 🙂

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