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This Saturday, thank God its FRIDAY

Stepping out on a Saturday,  I found myself confused… Where to go? Some new cuisine, restaurant, place… something new!!! An overdoze of the usual haunts got me querying my internal database to see what options were present. I’d been thinking of going to Shalom, G.K. for a long time but cancelled all plans.. I think […]

jamming at @Live, Bar and Restaurant

I loved my college days.. travelling all the way to North Campus and then taking one of those shared cabs from the main road till college! What a TASK it was! One had to be on their toes to get a seat in those cabs as they used to get filled as soon as they […]

The Rocking Hard Rock Cafe

If you enjoy some really good music and a place that will not hog into your personal space, Hard Rock Cafe is what you are looking for. I love everything about this place. The staff is friendly and cordial, the seating space adequate and the menu well planned. The place has two faces where it […]