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Breakfast in a jiffy: Sprouts and sautéed veggies with yoghurt cream and toast

Breakfast is the king of all meals and I always preach on this fact. Go ahead and have a light dinner but do yourself a favour and indulge in a hearty, wholesome breakfast. Every now and then I see myself in a debate with my friends who don’t have breakfast and I question them why. […]

Savoury bread pudding: Gooey warmth for that perfect breakfast

Ever wanted to combine  the goodness of all the best falvours you like into that one bite? Well, I achieved that today with this amazing bread pudding. We’ve all fancied the sweet version of bread puddings but it’s not always you are in the mood of something sweet. The pudding that I made has everything […]

This week’s Challenge: making sourdough starter

I love baking and after an array of cakes, cookies and muffins, my obvious step was to bake a loaf of bread. Now bread making is no child’s play since you are at the mercy of the tiny little yeast that make your bread oh so soft and juicy.   So after being tormented by […]

Savoury wheat bread infused with Garlic and Oregano

Bread making is a rather tedious task where one has to show patience. I mean wait for the yeast to get active, then wait fr the dough to rise and then again after punching it down wait for the 2nd round of rising. Who has this kind of time with them right? So, trying to […]

whole wheat Yeast Bread

I’m not a big fan of all purpose flour (maida) for it doesn’t impart much nutrition so I always strive to make my recipes healthier. Using lesser oil, avoiding frying, adding as much of vegetables and in this case, using whole wheat flour. This recipe calls for part all purpose flour and part whole wheat flour but one can […]