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Chilli soup with Mushrooms and Broccoli

Happy new year to all of you!! We all start the new year with new aspirations/resolutions/ habits and I’m no different. In search of some inspiration and new recipes I head out yesterday to my trusty book store, Landmark and ended up getting not one but four books ranging from travel to cooking. Selecting a good cookbook […]

Pigging it out at Mainland China

I have come to believe that I am allergic to chinese food! While you might nod your head in pity, I must add to my first statement that I still keep trying out chinese food to validate my belief since I love it and can’t stay away from it forever. So what if the last […]

No reservations on a Friday night?!

A great start to a long weekend has to include a nice, relaxing dinner.. Food that has soul for that lingering experience. Following the same ideology, I decided to goto Shalom.  The adventurer in me decided to go without reservations on a friday night and have some nice paella. To my dismay (well, foolishness on my part), I […]