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Orange curd: Recipe

The recipe of home made orange curd is like no other. You will love seeing people smack  on the creamy smoothness as you serve this on toasted bread, buns, layer in cakes or dollop a hearty helping on the lady finger sponges. With my cookery books shelf filling fast, one of my recent purchases that […]

Raspberry Coulis: A perfect dessert dressing

This week was all about Diwali planning and now that it is coming to and end, what better than to celebrate with new recipes. I’d been eyeing a bag of raspberries at the food store I go to for a long time but it used to end at my greedy looks only as I was […]

Home made Crème fraiche

Crème fraiche is a sour cream which is soured with bacterial culture ( yogurt or buttermilk). It is less sour than the usual sour cream and denser as well. Crème fraiche also serves as a substitute for sour cream and can be used in various sauce recipes as it doe not curdle. Add some sugar […]

Mayonnaise in a jiffy

Mayonnaise to me seemed as a tough thing to make and the options available in the market were so horrible that I dare not tread again to the isle of displaying various brands available. However, seeing mayo demystified in master-class (masterchef australia), I mustered up the courage to try it for my own self and boy was it easy. […]

Easy make Special Tomato Sauce

Here I was sitting at one of my favourite pit stops on a lazy Sunday morning, Landmark. Everyone has their reason to go there and for me its mostly about cook books. Its beyond funny as I have to be intervened when my stay goes beyond the time a girl take to buy jewellery (not funny […]

Its raining coconuts: Tango Chutney with coconut and raw mango

The fresh cool breeze on a rainy morning, walking barefoot on dew kissed grass, that woody smell in the air! Thats how my morning started today 🙂 No need to be jealous because I’m sure any where in Delhi you would have witnessed a similar weather if not exactly the same. And if you aren’t in […]

Mango and Tomato Chutney: Just the tangy you needed

I have come to realize that weekends are more hectic that the usual 5 day week. I mean one has to look after all the piled up chores, exercise, meet up wit friends, go out for a movie, maybe a dinner, shopping, head out to a spa and relax/unwind and rejuvenate. I sympathize with the […]