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Savoury lentil Pancakes: Soaked mung bean

We’ve had our share of panckes made from flour in various forms so this time  I decided to try something different. Crepes made for various lentils are a common snack in Indian cuisine. Lovingly called a Cheela, it is a must have when you decide to visit India. With its filling ranging for the usual spiced […]

Fun Sundays with assorted greens: my favourite side dish (aalo, baingan, wadi)

I love the flavour of spices and how they compliment various vegetables. One of ways of adding a concentrated spice flavour in Indian cuisine is adding Wadi. Wadi is a dried concentrate of soaked lentils and whole spices. Lentils are soaked overnight and then ground to a fine thick paste. To this paste, whole spices […]

Load up on the goodness of sesame: Til Laddos (Sugary Sesame seed balls)

Continuing the discussion on Indian food, it would be impolite not to talk about laddos. Laddo is a staple and huge favourite not only in India but a lot of Asian cuisines. I dote on laddos like there is no tomorrow. Funny thing that as a kid I used to call them daalus, with the […]

Mushroom and spinach Quiche

Last weekend my mom and I went for a picnic to Humayun’s tomb. Though I’ve been to this place before, but found that the amount of people visiting this time was enormous. Yes, this place has gained popularity by the recent visit of Barack Obama, but if you ask me, the tomb deserves much more […]

Rajma Masala: An Indian take on red kidney beans

Anyone whose anyone knows a North Indian’s (esp. Delhi) love for Rajma. One does not qualify to be called a true Delhiite if you can’t proclaim your love for it.. and how I achieved the same was by naming one of my email ID’s after it. This diwali my initial plan was to make Kadhi […]

Kainoosh: DLF Promenade

Looking for a young and fashionable place for an Indian meal then Kainoosh is the place to be! Owned by one of the well known chefs of India – Marut Sikka, Kainoosh is a marriage between the traditional and the modern. An ambiance that relaxes you and a service that is welcoming, Kainoosh takes any and all stress off […]

Olive Kitchen & Bar: Qutub Minar

Delhi has a lot to offer to its food enthusiasts and the same can be seen from her rich street food, casual restaurants and fine dining options! One such place that strikes a chord with me is the Olive Kitchen and Bar known as an Italian specialty restaurant. Visiting Olive Bar and kitchen has been […]

The beautiful view from Gunpowder

With such a huge backlog of post to update on TheFoodoholic, I stopped for a minute and looked for inspiration around. As I closed my eyes, I saw nothing but a huge cover of green… well, nothing but green. The blue from the sky merging into the green of the trees making it a hazy […]

Zaffran At Kasbah

We celebrated my mom’s birthday a few weeks back and for that I wanted to take her out to a new place. Since I did not  want her to spend majority of her time cooking for everyone else, I picked up this place – Zaffran. The restaurant is in the kasbah complex in G.K – […]

Happy birthday Mom!

Finally the monsoon are here and that to just in time for some awesome birthday celebrations.. whose birthday?? well, my dearest mum’s! Owing to the Bharat Band today, I decided to surprise and pamper mom with some new recipes. Since my recent visit to this a certain South Indian restaurant left me mesmerized with the food, […]