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Rajma Masala: An Indian take on red kidney beans

Anyone whose anyone knows a North Indian’s (esp. Delhi) love for Rajma. One does not qualify to be called a true Delhiite if you can’t proclaim your love for it.. and how I achieved the same was by naming one of my email ID’s after it. This diwali my initial plan was to make Kadhi […]

Healthy and happy kids with banana raspberry smoothie

Let’s face it; banana as a fruit has not had its share of the fame it deserves. Its high in nutrition but somehow it doesn’t go well with a lot of kids and grown ups. People feel strongly about bananas: they either love it for hate it, there is just no other way. However the […]

Rawa Idlis: Perfect breakfast food

After making an array of dishes to meet my sweet tooth, I decided to move to something healthy but figuring out what to make was the hard part.  Though so many options had been popping up in my mind, nothing was convincing enough for me to go to the kitchen and make. I know I’d […]

Whole wheat oatmeal cookies

The last time I had oatmeal cookies, I had to throw away the entire packet coz it was really bad in taste. I’m not sure if the cookies were stale or if that batch was bad..Since then I made up my mind to make oatmeal cookies at home. Afterall nothing serves you better than a […]

Whole wheat raisin cookies: Chewy and healthy

This weekend I revisited my old cookbooks and though of doing a new recipe. We all get into a comfort mode sometimes and end up sticking to recipes that are oh so easy to make. In order to break out of my shell, I pushed myself to try a new recipe. Baking being my first love followed […]

Easy make Special Tomato Sauce

Here I was sitting at one of my favourite pit stops on a lazy Sunday morning, Landmark. Everyone has their reason to go there and for me its mostly about cook books. Its beyond funny as I have to be intervened when my stay goes beyond the time a girl take to buy jewellery (not funny […]

Savoury wheat bread infused with Garlic and Oregano

Bread making is a rather tedious task where one has to show patience. I mean wait for the yeast to get active, then wait fr the dough to rise and then again after punching it down wait for the 2nd round of rising. Who has this kind of time with them right? So, trying to […]

Green Pea Soup

Winters is the best time to enjoy the sun! The same sun that we play hide and seek with in Delhi’s hot months of May and June. So yes, winters give us Delhiites a reason to dress up in those lovely turtle necks (anyone who knows me, knows I am a huge turtle neck fan!), […]

whole wheat Yeast Bread

I’m not a big fan of all purpose flour (maida) for it doesn’t impart much nutrition so I always strive to make my recipes healthier. Using lesser oil, avoiding frying, adding as much of vegetables and in this case, using whole wheat flour. This recipe calls for part all purpose flour and part whole wheat flour but one can […]

Creamy mushroom soup with homemade garlic wheat bread

Off late I have been working on recreating some of my favourite food right at home. My love for food just does not end at eating at a good restaurant but only when I master my favourite dish do I sit in peace. This time my target was making a nice loaf of bread and some creamy mushroom […]