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Biscotti: a nutty affair!

My new mission is to bake new goodies every weekend and learn as I move forward. I can already see the tiny things I am picking up as I go. For this week, I picked up making biscotti…. what better way than to indulge in the goodness of nuts this winter right! Biscotti is among […]

Fresh Minestrone!

While I had been away from all the cooking, numerous things were keeping me busy: work being the first of them (but of course) followed by a short trip to Amritsar. Amritsar city is overly crowded and the noise pollution makes me want to run and hide in a monestary… but all that fades away […]

Yummy cheesecake

    I love cooking for people so I made cheese cake last week and people simply loved it! A sigh of relief as I was desperately looking for a dessert recipe that would be perfect for giving closure to the meal and be the talk of any party. After doing extensive reading about the various sorts […]

Easy make Special Tomato Sauce

Here I was sitting at one of my favourite pit stops on a lazy Sunday morning, Landmark. Everyone has their reason to go there and for me its mostly about cook books. Its beyond funny as I have to be intervened when my stay goes beyond the time a girl take to buy jewellery (not funny […]

Healthy creamy pasta

I’m a cheese lover and enjoy dollops of it in any form: salad dressings, dips, sauces, on a cracker with a nice lil grape- yumm! To honour my love for cheese, I decided to bake myself  pasta in white sauce. To add some spice and adventure,  decided to make everything from scratch and boy was […]