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Easy make Special Tomato Sauce

Here I was sitting at one of my favourite pit stops on a lazy Sunday morning, Landmark. Everyone has their reason to go there and for me its mostly about cook books. Its beyond funny as I have to be intervened when my stay goes beyond the time a girl take to buy jewellery (not funny […]

Its Raining Coconuts: Payasam with raisins and coconut

Wrapping up the meal with a hot and steaming Payasam, loaded with raisins and the crunchy of the freshly greated coconut? I say Aye!!! Payasam is another quick recipe and loved by people of all ages. You can easily curb that sweet craving in the middle of the day when having tea or snacks. In […]

Its raining Coconuts: Vegetable Korma with Shredded Coconut

Continuing with the coconut frenzy, my next HOT item had to be a nice  vegetable korma… I believe it a hot favorite of vegetarians coz it gives you so many flavors in one dish. Moreover, depending on your liking you can combine various vegetables and leave out the ones that you don’t fancy. My version of the […]

Chai time snack: Pakoras / Fritters

A chilly winter day and all you want to do is sit in that cozy window seat, looking at the misty weather outside and read a book or just laze around with some AMAZING music playing. My absolute favourite  to listen to buddha bar, gotan project and other bands playing similar lounge music on such […]

Planning a dinner party??

Throwing a dinner party is a fun task but planning for it is considered a tedious task by many. I follow a simple plan which helps me break this planning task to molecular plans and the task does not feel tedious at all… On the contrary, it a fun activity! I go step by step […]

Dakshin at Sheraton Hotel: Simbly Delicious

Bored of eating the usual Idli, dosas and sambhar??  Why not head out and try some authentic food from the four states of Southern India. Yes, I am referring to the highly rated Dakshin. Though I am told that the place has a smaller seating as compared to the original Dakshin in or near Chennai, […]

Mango season: Mango inspired recipes

I’m not alone when I say I love mangoes.. After all, its the king of all fruits. However,I haven’t had them as muvh as I could have for a few years now: well, it’s gonna change this year! I’m sure all of us a had mango sandwiches with buttered, toasted bread slices layered with loads […]


As a child and even as an adult, South Indian cuisine has been my weakness. Though my palatte has mostly savoured the limited dosa / idlies / uttpamas, when ever I have been presented with an opportunity to try out a new dish, I pounced on it like a hungry puma on a timid lil […]

Beans Paruppusili

A recent visit to Dakshin made me try a new vegetable that is quite popular in South India. Lucky me that I was not given the usual option of ordering a dosa/ idli/ uttapam, I chose a vegetable stew in coconut curry, a dry vegetable and some appams. The food was delicious and from there […]

Partying with Vegetable Pulao

Be it anytime of the year, parties and get-togethers are inevitable! Out stationed relatives, friends from work, birthday parties, anniversaries… the list is endless! Orderv, soups, amuse-bouche, entrees, desserts, tea, coffee. My mouth starts to water as I write about them. Planning  a party is quite a hectic affair in itself and with the menu […]