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Rawa Idlis: Perfect breakfast food

After making an array of dishes to meet my sweet tooth, I decided to move to something healthy but figuring out what to make was the hard part.  Though so many options had been popping up in my mind, nothing was convincing enough for me to go to the kitchen and make. I know I’d […]

Savoury wheat bread infused with Garlic and Oregano

Bread making is a rather tedious task where one has to show patience. I mean wait for the yeast to get active, then wait fr the dough to rise and then again after punching it down wait for the 2nd round of rising. Who has this kind of time with them right? So, trying to […]


As a child and even as an adult, South Indian cuisine has been my weakness. Though my palatte has mostly savoured the limited dosa / idlies / uttpamas, when ever I have been presented with an opportunity to try out a new dish, I pounced on it like a hungry puma on a timid lil […]

Ode to thee Pancakes

Whole of last week at work had been hectic and even though I thought I would be able to take it easy on friday, I was loaded with emails from our client about some production issue that they were facing and wanted a solution or at least an analysis of it. So there I was, sitting at […]