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Kainoosh: DLF Promenade

Looking for a young and fashionable place for an Indian meal then Kainoosh is the place to be! Owned by one of the well known chefs of India – Marut Sikka, Kainoosh is a marriage between the traditional and the modern. An ambiance that relaxes you and a service that is welcoming, Kainoosh takes any and all stress off […]

Its raining coconuts: Tango Chutney with coconut and raw mango

The fresh cool breeze on a rainy morning, walking barefoot on dew kissed grass, that woody smell in the air! Thats how my morning started today 🙂 No need to be jealous because I’m sure any where in Delhi you would have witnessed a similar weather if not exactly the same. And if you aren’t in […]

Chai time snack: Pakoras / Fritters

A chilly winter day and all you want to do is sit in that cozy window seat, looking at the misty weather outside and read a book or just laze around with some AMAZING music playing. My absolute favourite  to listen to buddha bar, gotan project and other bands playing similar lounge music on such […]

Dakshin at Sheraton Hotel: Simbly Delicious

Bored of eating the usual Idli, dosas and sambhar??  Why not head out and try some authentic food from the four states of Southern India. Yes, I am referring to the highly rated Dakshin. Though I am told that the place has a smaller seating as compared to the original Dakshin in or near Chennai, […]

Mango and Tomato Chutney: Just the tangy you needed

I have come to realize that weekends are more hectic that the usual 5 day week. I mean one has to look after all the piled up chores, exercise, meet up wit friends, go out for a movie, maybe a dinner, shopping, head out to a spa and relax/unwind and rejuvenate. I sympathize with the […]

Partying with Vegetable Pulao

Be it anytime of the year, parties and get-togethers are inevitable! Out stationed relatives, friends from work, birthday parties, anniversaries… the list is endless! Orderv, soups, amuse-bouche, entrees, desserts, tea, coffee. My mouth starts to water as I write about them. Planning  a party is quite a hectic affair in itself and with the menu […]