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Raspberry Marble Cake: a fruity affair

I’ve been low on blogging for a couple of weeks and I have substantial reasons for the lag. With a super busy hectic work schedule demanding me to be in office even on a Sunday, all my free time was going in taking time off and catching up on my sleep. Thankfully, with most of […]

Candied orange peel: high on sugar

The freshness of oranges is by far the best.. For me, its something that can bring back that skip in my step! To treat myself with more that the usual orange juice or oranges slices, I decided to try my hand at candied orange peel and realised what a fun activity it is. A super […]

Healthy and happy kids with banana raspberry smoothie

Let’s face it; banana as a fruit has not had its share of the fame it deserves. Its high in nutrition but somehow it doesn’t go well with a lot of kids and grown ups. People feel strongly about bananas: they either love it for hate it, there is just no other way. However the […]

Raspberry Coulis: A perfect dessert dressing

This week was all about Diwali planning and now that it is coming to and end, what better than to celebrate with new recipes. I’d been eyeing a bag of raspberries at the food store I go to for a long time but it used to end at my greedy looks only as I was […]

Breakfast at Eggspectation

Name me one good thing about summer… Albeit the heat and scorching sun, the days are long so one can actually plan to do a lot of things. My one such plan had been to go for a breakfast buffet since it had been LONNNNG. My complete plan came about when I mapped my Qutub trip […]

Mango Frozen yogurt: Shrikhand

While growing up, my family would take me and my brother to my maternal grand parents home in Punjab for 2-3 weeks during summer vacation. The house used to be filled with kids and adults, with my aunt also coming over the same time. My mama’s (mom’s borther) 3 kids: his eldest daughter, and two […]

Ode to thee Pancakes

Whole of last week at work had been hectic and even though I thought I would be able to take it easy on friday, I was loaded with emails from our client about some production issue that they were facing and wanted a solution or at least an analysis of it. So there I was, sitting at […]

Tiramisu – Mango, oranges and pomegranate

Tiramisu is a very popular Italian dessert which means “pick me up”.  This dessert just melts in your mouth the moment you take your first bite. I’ve been a fan of it for more than a decade now and remember the first time I had it at Anushka’s 1st birthday party. Since then, I’d been […]