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Aachari Masala Bhindi: Spicy Okra

Discussing the logic and usability of the swinging doors installed in restaurants to divide the seating area and the kitchen, I was amazed to see that people always entered from their left. Whether this is a code devised to ensure one does on bump into the other or not is a mystery but it was […]

Planning a dinner party??

Throwing a dinner party is a fun task but planning for it is considered a tedious task by many. I follow a simple plan which helps me break this planning task to molecular plans and the task does not feel tedious at all… On the contrary, it a fun activity! I go step by step […]

Mom I’m hungry

When I look at my darling nephew and niece runing towards their mum saying am-am or mamma khana degi, I can’t help but remember my childhood days . For instance, when mom would make kofte, she’d keep some aside for me and my brother or  maggi being used to bartar anything imaginable. Good old days […]

Damn that limited Summer Appetite

Come spring and all of us head out to enjoy the open weather, sunny skies and blooming flowers. Though the frequency of picnics with th family goes down, there are still numerous things to do, cuisines to eat. However, I have noticed that with the onset of the piercing summer heat, my appetite goes down drastically and […]