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Savoury lentil Pancakes: Soaked mung bean

We’ve had our share of panckes made from flour in various forms so this time  I decided to try something different. Crepes made for various lentils are a common snack in Indian cuisine. Lovingly called a Cheela, it is a must have when you decide to visit India. With its filling ranging for the usual spiced […]

Breakfast at Eggspectation

Name me one good thing about summer… Albeit the heat and scorching sun, the days are long so one can actually plan to do a lot of things. My one such plan had been to go for a breakfast buffet since it had been LONNNNG. My complete plan came about when I mapped my Qutub trip […]

Ode to thee Pancakes

Whole of last week at work had been hectic and even though I thought I would be able to take it easy on friday, I was loaded with emails from our client about some production issue that they were facing and wanted a solution or at least an analysis of it. So there I was, sitting at […]