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Raspberry Marble Cake: a fruity affair

I’ve been low on blogging for a couple of weeks and I have substantial reasons for the lag. With a super busy hectic work schedule demanding me to be in office even on a Sunday, all my free time was going in taking time off and catching up on my sleep. Thankfully, with most of […]

Raspberry infused cake with raspberry coulis: Drool all the way

This recipe well deserves its caption.. the raspberry coulis and the raspberry infused cake just make u wan to have more and more of it. This cake finished as soon as it was out of the oven. The secret is that recipe gives you a cake which is so light that yo don’t realise that […]

Healthy and happy kids with banana raspberry smoothie

Let’s face it; banana as a fruit has not had its share of the fame it deserves. Its high in nutrition but somehow it doesn’t go well with a lot of kids and grown ups. People feel strongly about bananas: they either love it for hate it, there is just no other way. However the […]

Raspberry Coulis: A perfect dessert dressing

This week was all about Diwali planning and now that it is coming to and end, what better than to celebrate with new recipes. I’d been eyeing a bag of raspberries at the food store I go to for a long time but it used to end at my greedy looks only as I was […]