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Back to cooking with chewy flapjacks

So I had gone missing right?.. Trying to make amends, I’ve come back with some information that will treat your senses. Recently, I went on this vacation which was long due but was just not happening.  Gushaini is a small village in Himachal Pradesh and pretty as a painted picture. I highly recommend this place if you […]

Savoury bread pudding: Gooey warmth for that perfect breakfast

Ever wanted to combine  the goodness of all the best falvours you like into that one bite? Well, I achieved that today with this amazing bread pudding. We’ve all fancied the sweet version of bread puddings but it’s not always you are in the mood of something sweet. The pudding that I made has everything […]

Fresh Minestrone!

While I had been away from all the cooking, numerous things were keeping me busy: work being the first of them (but of course) followed by a short trip to Amritsar. Amritsar city is overly crowded and the noise pollution makes me want to run and hide in a monestary… but all that fades away […]

Chai time snack: Pakoras / Fritters

A chilly winter day and all you want to do is sit in that cozy window seat, looking at the misty weather outside and read a book or just laze around with some AMAZING music playing. My absolute favourite  to listen to buddha bar, gotan project and other bands playing similar lounge music on such […]

Tiramisu – Mango, oranges and pomegranate

Tiramisu is a very popular Italian dessert which means “pick me up”.  This dessert just melts in your mouth the moment you take your first bite. I’ve been a fan of it for more than a decade now and remember the first time I had it at Anushka’s 1st birthday party. Since then, I’d been […]

Ratatouille – Assorted Vegetables

Come summers and one can see an array of new vegetables in the local market which were not visible in the cold cold winter. What better way t make use of these seasonal vegetables than to cook an aromatic ratatouille that gives your taste buds a run for the second bite? Now, I must confess that […]

Flavor of Morocco in your kitchen

After enjoying the nutty creaminess of Hummus and Falefal, I decided to move to a newer mediterranean recipe to try, and yes I mean making it at home. Looking up numerous mouth watering recipes, Harira was finalized. Harira is a traditional soup made in Morocco during Ramadan for people to break their fast. It is essentially […]

Healthy creamy pasta

I’m a cheese lover and enjoy dollops of it in any form: salad dressings, dips, sauces, on a cracker with a nice lil grape- yumm! To honour my love for cheese, I decided to bake myself  pasta in white sauce. To add some spice and adventure,  decided to make everything from scratch and boy was […]