About The Foodoholic

Food has taken a special place in my life and with time it has even defined who I am today.
I was a picky eater as a kid. While the family used to go out for dinner, I remember either sleeping my way through it in mom’s lap or making bangles out of onions rings… but never eating anything. It’s funny but I used to HATE eating outside.
Strange facts like me disliking dairy ice cream (I think I hated milk in most forms) / chowmein or even Maagi-masala made my brother think I was a weird kid. I had my favourites alright but things like Orange bar only (no ice cream for me) or Maggi – sweet and sour flavour made me stand out in a different way (btw, sweet and sour Maggi has been discontinued).
But even as a kid, I enjoyed watching all the cooking shows on BBC and similar channels.  I remember coming back from school and watching this show Yan can cook incessantly. A Madhur Jaffery show on BBC followed by some wine tasting show, and some healthy food shows. I still remember the  tag line of that Yan can cook show… If Yan can cook, so can you.
My taste buds took some time to develop but one thing that stuck with me was healthy eating. Avoiding too much oil, eating a balanced diet.. NO deep frying when cooking at home, BIG NO to aerated drinks.. yada yada yada
I learnt from the amazing cooks in my family that eating healthy can do such wonders… The more you take care of your body, the more it rewards you back. It’s a simple give and take equation.
Having an immensely HUGE sweet tooth, I can NEVER say no to ice creams/ cake/pastries/ iimarthi/ balushahi.
Sharing a common passion for good food (and now trying my hand at photography as well), I decided to document my experiences as a self proclaimed connoisseur of food.
From all the good/not so good places I visit to re-creating recipes rating from anything between rat’s ass easy to God! what was I thinking tough, I plan to cover anything and everything about food.
Since good food is something that should not be kept to one self, my blog serves multiple purposes: being my very own cook book that I don’t need to carry around with me or a journal of my food / photography adventures.
So, join me and celebrate the goodness of food and the people / places that offer a humble meal and toast to them.


  1. Hi Rashi,
    I like your passion for food and blog writing. I am a blogger myself and have a social media in Europe with work in India as well. I am looking for some great food and wine blog writers. Our members attend food and wine tasting events for free and blog about them and their blogs are linked to our european and Indian websites. If you would like to know more or be am ember and attend an event coming up in New dehi dis november please reply to me AT WORDPRES OR priyanka@spotandtell.se or on facebook. Look forward for your reply.

  2. Hi Priyanka,

    Thanks for dropping by my blog. I am interested in knowing more about the works of your organization and what is needed to become a member.

    From what I understand, memberships entitles one to wine and food tasting events for free and in return the blog written by ppl are linked to your websites. Can you elaborate upon any other activities that are associated with the membership and the process for becming a member ? Also, I’d appreciate if you can send me a link to your Indian website as well.

    I’m definitely interested in taking this further 🙂


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